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The Era of Icecrown Citadel has arrived!

World of Warcraft has stepped into the era of Icecrown Citadel. To keep providing top quality service to our customers, Myeasygold launches new WoW Items services and products including Weapon, Armor, Jewelry and Token but also full set of Tier 10, Tier 9 of Lv 251 and Lv 264. In addition, we also offer Season 8 service and Arena & Honor Points. You can completely trust us since our professional arena players will bring you great power for your Toons.

wow items BOE Gear

Mekgineer's chopper Mechano-hog

$ 45.00

Primordial Saronite(20)

$ 165.60

Wodin's Lucky Necklace

$ 157.41

Darkmoon Card: Greatness

$ 117.81

Merlin's Robe

$ 94.05

Battered Hilt

$ 79.20

The Lady's Brittle Bracers

$ 157.41

Ring of Rotting Sinew

$ 85.68

Smelt Titansteel(20)

$ 56.88

Breastplate of the White Knight

$ 94.05

Primordial Saronite(10)

$ 85.68

Blood Queen's Crimson Choker

$ 179.28

Nobles Deck

$ 85.68

Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads

$ 94.05

Belt of the Lonely Noble

$ 117.81

Total: $0.00


Boe gear usually stands for "Binds on Equip". Basically in WoW it means that you can pick it up and sell it or mail it to a friend unless you put it on. Once you put your boe gear on, it's called soulbound which means you can't put it on the Auction House or trade it with any other player. It's bound to you. You can only sell it to a vendor or trash it if you don't need it. But how can you distinguish whether it is a boe gear or not? You can identify it by looking at the description just below the item. It always tells you its status by writing: Binds on Equip, Binds on Pick-up (which means once you pick it up it can't be traded) or Soulbound.

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wow equipment faq How does it work?

Our professional raid teams work in more than 50 servers ensuring.The best teams provide you with the best service possible.We take your role into the raids and get the WOW Items you ordered on our website.

wow equipment faq When can I expect delivery of my order from

Normally,we can start the order in 3-5days.We arrange the raid per week,and professional players will play the chars,get higher rating for you in days.

wow equipment faq Do I need to provide account information?

A: If you want to experience the raid, please feel free to join us Together to raid, then you don't have to offer your information. We can also help control your character if you have no time.

wow equipment faq Will my account get banned for buying sets or powerleveling?

No need to worry,we just take your account into the raids to finish the run to get the wow items. And the power levelers are all the best real players on the realms,the ip is very safe. We deal with large volume of deliveries every day and we have satisfied thousands of customers with our sincere service and professional manner. Our customers would not worry about the account banning as shopping at our website. Game players all over the world have legitimately purchased our stock without risk.

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