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WOW Gold - Maplestory Powerleveling Gachapon Alarm Gachapon Alarm has been implemented

   There will be 2 types of Boxes! Gold Box – Dropped by only Singapore & Malaysia map Bosses. Silver Box – Dropped by all other level 20 and above monsters. Monster Box alarm – 10 most popular gachapon item & timeless & reverse items will be announced about Maple Story Mesos!

   Gachapon Alarm Gachapon alarm has been implemented about Maple Story Mesos. Announcements will be made once you have gotten Top 100 most popular Items from the Gachapon Machines about Maple Story Mesos!

    Master M Event (Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009) Help the Special Agents protect against Master M! As long as you are level 10 and above, join the Special Agents by speaking to NPC Gaga and work hard to earn what it takes to become the Ultimate Agent. Look out for what you can get from the agents and be WOW by the items you get from them!

   Celebrating Independence Day Event (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009) Test your knowledge about History of both Singapore and Malaysia and win yourself with Independence Day item about Maple Story Mesos! How to win the Independence Day item? Simply visit Joyce, the event master and test your knowledge on either SG or MY history to receive the Sunglasses with either SG or MY Flag Design depending on the test selected about Maple Story Mesos.

   Gold Richies Gold Compass Event (Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009) The richest man in the world of Maple, Gold Richies treasure has been destroyed! Help Gold Richie by talking to NPC Cassandra to find back his treasure and get rewarded! Pendent of Spirit (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009) Visit NPC Cassandra to redeem your Spirit Pendent! What does it do? You got to explore and you will definitely not regret getting it!


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