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WOW Gold - Patch 4.2 PTR Lord Rhyolith

Do you have a thing for coordinating DPS? wanna win more wow gold? Then you'll want to raid lead this boss. This oversized rock guy is a fairly unique encounter that involves much driving. If you can navigate through those driving cones on a track, then you should be able to master this guy in a timely fashion. Some tight and precise control will be needed here for coordination. If even one person deviates and isn't listening properly, everyone dies.

Lord Rhyolith appears to be an elemental. Even though he starts with about 15 million health in 10-man, he's no pushover. For a raid composition, we went with one tank, three healers and six DPSers. The big gimmick with Lord Rhyolith is that he doesn't technically have a threat table right away. He lumbers along in a straight line. You need to attack his legs in order to move him. The best way to go about is to use melee players for this task. They'll discover quickly that despite the size of the legs. There is a new UI element in place that lets you see how tight of a turn Lord Rhyolith is making. The harder the DPS, the harder the turn.


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