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WOW Gold - Time Dilation in EVE Online

The EVE Online devs are again with a new post about Team Gridlock's aggressive war. This time, Team Gridlock discusses degradation and acknowledging the issues facing players with regard to lag actually helps them defeat the evil lag beast. Gridlock has been spending a lot of time to date reducing load. They will get there some day 'cause but for today it's way more work for the benefit.

Throttling load is a much more compelling proposition at this time, now that they have cleared out a pile of easy optimizations.  A few different proposals on what we could do here have been put forward.  The one most people jump to first is to have Destiny, our physics simulation, update at a lower resolution than once per second as we get overloaded. That would help lower the load of doing the actual simulation, but it turns out that only accounts for 5-10% of the load.


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