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WOW Gold - WOW GOLD What Major Changes would You Like to See Druids Receive

Nowadays, earlier I said that I feel moonkin will eventually beat out feral as a sepc, assuming no changes, but there is a good reason for that. When I got to 80, started doing bgs, and got a good feeling for how feral would really perform to get wow gold, I was surprised at the burst potential of the class. But there is one major problem that feral deal with that moonkins. Although shred damage is extremely high and strong, it still requires you to be behind your target. Moonkins suffer no such restrictions about wow gold.

Shred - I think that the positional requirement on shred should be dropped; however I feel that it is too powerful at the moment as well. Blizzard said that they were toying with the idea of giving feral druids higher constant damage, which would mean that some nerfs would be coming for their burst regardless to get wow gold. Buffing constant damage without nerfing burst a bit would be a big mistake. This would not mean that druids would be using only shred, as it is also important to keep up mangle/rake for better shred damage about wow gold.

Imp lotp - 8% mana return to a feral every ~6 seconds is needed not really necessary, unless your missing 3/3 natural shapeshifter about wow gold. Feral druids can forgo natural shapeshifter in the second-tier resto, and those talents points can be distributed to other damage talents. I can not say what would be an exact fix, possibly change it to 3/6% mana return and see how that works out.  If its nerfed too much, it will make the already mediocre amount of support available to a feral even worse.


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