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WOW Gold - WoW PvP Changes

WoW players should note that the next expansion of World of Warcraft will have a lot of changes in the current game's pvp system. One of the biggest change in WoW's PvP system is the introduction of the PvP point system. If you want to get high PvP items, you need honor points, arena points and a high personal arena rating. But the new system in Cataclysm will introduce different conquest points.

Honor Points are easy to get. However, Conquest Points belong to High-tier and harder to get. There will be a maximum amount to how many you can own and how many you can earn per week from winning Battlegrounds or Arena. It means that the current Arena points will now be known as Conquest points and there will be two ways to gain these points: Arena and Battlegrounds.

Another change to the PvP system is the remove of almost all personal rating requirements on PvP items. The reason is because Blizzard believed that rating requirements was not a good syndrome. Don't worry, we have various pvp packges and items on the site, you can get them to fulfill your dream if you have enough wow gold.


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