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WOW Gold - Wow Hero Class Information for New Players

As a new comer to the world of warcraft, you may not be clear about the wow hero class. Given this, we offer you the general knowledge below to help you go further in this world as soon as possible.

Basically, the world of warcraft hero class is derived from Warcraft III hero units and is a derivative ordinary class. However, they have special abilities, mounts, and other attributes which makes them faster, stronger and higher than their counterparts.

One thing you should note is that newcomers are not eligible for using heroes. After a period of playing time after you can meet certain requirements specified, including level and other achievements in the game, you will be able to do so. Heroes in world of warcraft are limited since the Blizzard Entertainment decided to release them only with new expansion packs. For example, with the release of the Warth of the Lich King, the death knight hero is available. Players need to have at least one character at level 55 already. Apart from the death knight, there are twenty nine other world of warcraft heroes stipulated by blizzard, two of which are the Runemaster and Necromancer with special abilities and requirements.


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